The New Columbia Movement


Who We Are

First and foremost, we are a fraternity. We are a cohort of like-minded, traditionally Christian men whose faith and patriotism has driven us to action. We aspire to create a morally prosperous nation guided by our shared Christian values as outlined within Catholic social teaching. In order to turn back the destructive tide of liberalism, we must first seek to remake ourselves. In doing so, we will reshape the world.

What We Do

No man should sail through turbulent waters alone. Our organization focuses on the collective improvement of its members through forming strong foundations. Our physical, mental and spiritual strength is pivotal in building resilience and driving the success of our movement. As the evil of our era seeks to destroy Truth and overturn the natural order of this world, we are able to stand up and push back. Our effectiveness comes not just through high ideals and strong rhetoric, but consistent and tangible action.

Member Benefits

As a member of NCM, you will receive access to:

-Our internal social media and private discord
-Year round fraternal trips, events and public demonstrations
-Exclusive discount codes with partner businesses
-Exclusive NCM merchandise
-Networking opportunities
-Information and training seminars
-Lifelong friendships

Membership Requirements

To be considered for membership, you must meet the following requirements:

-A traditional trinitarian Christian
-An American citizen
-At least 21 years of age
-Clean criminal record
-No affiliation with conflicting groups (Masons, Communists, etc.)
-Pay $25 annual membership fee
-An eager willingness to be a part of this movement

If you are interested in becoming a member of our fraternity, send us a message through our contact form!

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