The New Columbia Movement


Towards the New Columbia


Profession of Faith

We believe in one God, the Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth, and of all things visible and invisible.
And in one Lord Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, begotten of the Father before all worlds, Light of Light, very God of very God, begotten, not made, being of one substance with the Father;
By whom all things were made;
Who for us men, and for our salvation, came down from heaven, and was incarnate by the Holy Ghost and of the Virgin Mary, and was made man;
He was crucified for us under Pontius Pilate, and suffered, and was buried, and the third day he rose again, according to the Scriptures, and ascended into heaven, and sitteth on the right hand of the Father;
From thence he shall come again, with glory, to judge the living and the dead; Whose kingdom shall have no end.
And in the Holy Ghost, the Lord and Giver of life, who proceedeth from the Father, who with the Father and the Son together is worshiped and glorified, who spoke by the prophets.
 In one holy catholic and apostolic Church; we acknowledge one baptism for the remission of sins; we look for the resurrection of the dead, and the life of the world to come. Amen

On Columbia

In American history, the name “Columbia” holds a special place. In honor of Christopher Columbus, the great Christian navigator who braved the unknown in the pursuit of discovery and whose efforts resulted in the colonization of the New World, the Thirteen Colonies began to be known as Columbia. Over time, this poetic sobriquet was lent to the personification of the United States, Lady Columbia. Today, it can be found as the name of towns, districts, ships, and academic institutions, but for us, Columbia is something more. We dream not simply of Columbia, but of a New Columbia: a shining city on a hill united in the Social Kingship of Christ. It is, in essence, America reborn as a model of Christian society and fellowship. We dream of casting off the dead weight that weighs us down, of breaking the chains of immorality that hold us back. With dedication and determination, there are few things that we cannot achieve and few obstacles we cannot overcome. Long and difficult is the road ahead, but with our fellows by our sides and a song in our hearts, anything is possible - after all, if God be for us, who is against us?

Core Beliefs


Truth – objective truth – can only be found through the pursuit of God. It is a gift handed to us by our Creator, that we may be shown the path to goodness and enlightenment. Christ is the way and the light, and to reject Him would be to reject Truth. The false religions that have tainted Man have only divided us and driven us astray, causing our fellows to falter and succumb to false teachings. They have rejected God, and so they have rejected Truth, some even believing that they themselves are their own gods or that they know better than God Himself. Such disordered thinking is not conducive to a proper worldview and ideology. How can one reject Truth and expect to live a proper life, let alone build a properly ordered and just society? We wholly reject any teaching that is not God’s, any philosophy that is not rooted in the Gospel. Furthermore, we reject anything that does not come from God or that disrespects, contradicts, or otherwise works against Him. We hold fast in our belief in the God of the Trinity, the Light of Light and Way of Ways, and we will do all that we can to see that His will shall be done


One person alone does not create a society, and it is for this reason that we reject the notion of the individual being the building block of society. It is within the family that children are given the morals and values that shape both them and those they will come in contact with, and this is why those that wish to pervert our nation attack the family so viciously. Raising strong Christian families is the number one cure and deterrent to the evils we see today, as well as the best way to create a strong and stable society. If we wish to turn this nation around for the better, our focus must start here


Over the past few decades, we have forgotten what it means to be an American. We have turned our backs on common sense, goodness, and even our fellow countrymen. Years of strife, division, and discontent have driven a wedge between us, fostering a gross disdain for our fellows so severe that we view them as “others” rather than as Americans. This divide, fed and encouraged by enemies both foreign and domestic, has prevented us from being able to achieve true prosperity. How can a nation prosper when its citizens are at each other’s throats? How can a people thrive if they do not respect and love their fellows? We can never realize our ambitions unless we have each other’s support. A nation is doomed when it is divided. More than just national prosperity, a lack of fraternal bond causes us to forget and ignore the troubles our fellows face. In our disdain for others we have forgotten what it means to live selflessly, to sacrifice ourselves in service to our neighbor. Every day should see us work to close the divide between us, not simply because it helps the nation, but because it helps our fellows. Unless we can foster the Great American Fraternity and bring Americans together, our glorious nation will dissolve into endless infighting and vitriol. We need to reach out to our fellows, to connect with them and support them. By loving each other, we can foster true prosperity while improving the lives of others and upholding one of God’s greatest commandments: to love thy neighbor as thyself.


Social Issues


Abortion is one of the greatest injustices and sins that currently plagues our nation. Science confirms that life begins at the point of conception, when a novel set of unique human DNA is formed. Abortion, therefore, culminates in the termination of the life of another human. With this understanding, the idea that a woman can validly and legally choose to kill her baby because the child is unwanted, may have developmental issues, or was conceived of rape or incest is unthinkable, unacceptable, and morally reprehensible.


Euthanasia is an often-overlooked aspect of the pro-life cause that needs more attention. The Hippocratic Oath defines the role of the medical professional as one to treat and cure ailments of the body, never to purposely harm. It is a perversion of the honorable medical profession into something evil and vile.
More than simply perverting the medical profession, euthanasia creates a culture and economy of death. Whereas life is a sacred gift from God and should be cherished and protected, cultures of death worship and are transfixed on shirking this gift and believing they are equal to God. Euthanasia as a whole must be rejected, that we may fully and graciously honor the gift of life.


At its core, artificial contraception runs contrary to the pro-life cause. By circumventing the possibility of pregnancy, the natural purpose of sex is ignored, turning the act from something positive into something sinful. It degrades the meaning of sex, and in many ways, is tantamount to playing God. To oppose artificial contraception is to open sex once again to the possibility of life, as well as return the maturity, dignity, and the sanctity of the act back to its proper place

Sex and Morality

Sexual “Liberation”

Birth control, free love, and the other products of the Sexual Revolution have had heinous effects on our society. Victims of the Revolution firmly believe themselves to have been freed or liberated, when in realty they have been enslaved by their carnal desires and lead by lust.
Sex is a gift from God that allows for both procreation and the expression of intimacy between husband and wife. Sexual acts that detract or otherwise stray from these two purposes are contrary to the natural order and God’s commandments.
The concept of free love - an oxymoron - is a gross perversion of some of God’s greatest blessings, warping them to fit the desires of Man rather than their natural purpose as ordered by God. Free love turns sex into little more than a pastime, stripping away any semblance of intimacy or love. In doing so, the institution of marriage – yet another gift from God – is threatened and sexual morality spirals down until, as today, God is removed entirely from sex.
Enslavement to carnal lust is not liberation, and the perversion of God’s blessings is a grave sin. If we are to repair marriages and fix families, we must focus on reverting the effects of the Sexual Revolution.


Time and time again, pornography has been shown to have severe adverse effects on habitual consumers. They are more likely to suffer from depression, have a harder time connecting with people and forming relationships, and are more likely to view others as objects instead of people. It leads to mental, sexual, and relationship issues, and must be treated as a drug. It is highly addictive.
On a philosophical level, pornography is degrading to human nature. It is the ultimate form of objectification achievable: people exist for sex and are sexual objects to be used. This is readily apparent in the way that the porn industry, where performers are regularly beaten, raped, coerced, and abused in a myriad of ways. Performers that have left the industry, such as Mia Khalifa, often speak out against the way porn companies operate, and even against porn consumption as a whole.
More than just the producers, popular porn distributors like Pornhub have been caught multiple times hosting child porn and videos of actual rape, yet they face no consequences. This is the ultimate conclusion of normalized pornography: the widespread distribution of perversion and the degradation of human value. It is a grave sin, and the existence of such a ubiquitous and normalized industry is a sign of a deeply sick people.


At its core, artificial contraception runs contrary to the pro-life cause. By circumventing the possibility of pregnancy, the natural purpose of sex is ignored, turning the act from something positive into something sinful. It degrades the meaning of sex, and in many ways, is tantamount to playing God. To oppose artificial contraception is to open sex once again to the possibility of life, as well as return the maturity, dignity, and the sanctity of the act back to its proper place


Marriage, one of the most supreme and holy gifts from God, is under siege. We have entered an age where the sanctity of marriage is an afterthought - if it is thought of at all. It holds no meaning in our secular society, which has turned away from viewing it as the divine, indissoluble union that it is, and instead viewing it as a temporary fling that ends as soon as trouble arises.
Marriage not only joins two people, it changes them. Man and woman become husband and wife, and eventually they become father and mother. It is a strong marriage that sets a solid foundation for a rightly ordered, stable, and successful family, but that goal is unobtainable if the severity of the bond is not understood and appreciated.
The sanctity of marriage and its status as a religious institution must be defended. It must be shielded from government interference and ridiculous secular restrictions such as marriage licenses and other forms of gatekeeping

Social Justice and Equality

Despite the Progressive movement’s dogmatic regurgitation of it, Social Justice is a very old concept that traces its roots to the writings of St. Augustine. It refers to justice as it relates to distribution of wealth, opportunity, and the overall relationship between the individual and society. Progressives have twisted Social Justice to fit their unnatural ideology, corrupting the very concept of justice, which they claim to have a monopoly on. Their form of Social Justice would not realize any sort of actual justice, rather it would create a state of unnatural equality.
The true nature of Social Justice has been so far removed from the modern consciousness that it seems foreign - that is, that Social Justice is established when Man’s transcendent dignity is upheld and respected. All Men are made in the image of God, and thus are endowed with a certain equal and inalienable worth.
Though all Men have an inherent equality in their worth, that does not mean inequality is evil. On the contrary, it is equality that is evil – unnatural equality. All Men are naturally diverse in many aspects: age, race, sex, intellectual and physical abilities, moral aptitudes, and even wealth. These differences are natural, as they stem from the natural order. We, as Men, are created as imperfect beings. We require others to fill in our gaps and complement our God-given endowments. Inequality is thus a natural phenomenon and not one that should be viewed with disdain; rather, let us rejoice in our inequality, that we may better our fellow Men with our own endowments
While inequality is natural and good, let us not ignore that there are and can be sinful manifestations of inequality. These are the sorts of inequalities that ignore Man’s dignity and deny him his worth and manifest themselves by way of extreme economic and social disparities. Such abhorrent situations can be seen all over the world, being brought about by supercapitalism and radical Progressivism. Working to eradicate such inequalities is the true nature of Social Justice: it is standing shoulder to shoulder with our fellow Men in solidarity with the downtrodden as a Christian brotherhood, armed with the Gospel and destroying all institutions that threaten Man’s worth

On Culture

America is one of the most diverse nations on the planet. Simply cross state lines, or even go to the other side of a state, and you will find people living their lives differently than you and your family. This extreme level of cultural pluralism makes it very difficult to define America culturally and all but precludes America from being viewed or operated as some sort of cultural union.
The question, then, is how to handle these cultural differences. Should we make an effort to convert everyone to a single, homogenous culture? Surely not, as it would be an exercise in futility, let alone the question of what that single culture should be. Should we expel those who do not fit in with the American cultural zeitgeist? That would require a defined American culture, would require every person’s personal culture to be assessed, and would be morally and ethically questionable. Should America be broken up into smaller cultural unions? That may sound appealing to some but would result in the destruction of America and lead to serious violence. In the end, there is only one solution to America’s cultural diversity, and that is to take the same approach as the Romans.
The Roman Empire was vast in its territory and diverse in its peoples. From Gaul to Judah to Mauretania, people of different cultures and backgrounds became Roman. To achieve this, the Romans created a dual culture system. Subjugated peoples were allowed to retain their personal culture but were unified with the rest of the Empire under a Roman high culture. By respecting and preserving their people’s ways of life but instating a cultural overhead, the Romans were able to unify people of different cultures under a single banner and achieve some of the greatest feats in human history.
If we are to solve our ongoing cultural disunity, we must take the Roman approach. We need a High American Culture that unifies America’s diverse peoples under common ideas such as Christian morality, rule of law, and the common good. If we fail to do so, America will grow more and more divided until, eventually, there are no ties left, and the nation dissolves into infighting and violence.

On Government


Democracy has been the greatest political experiment of our time, and it is a failed one. We are expected to accept that because a person is a citizen of a nation, they automatically possess the knowledge and aptitude to decide such important things as national policy. How many voters truly understand the issues being addressed? How many could pass a citizenship test? The pluralistic methods of liberal democracy are hinged entirely on the voters. As Teddy Roosevelt remarked, “a vote is like a rifle; its usefulness depends upon the character of the user.”
In reality, democracy and its methods work best on a small scale. At the local level, democracy is employed in areas that the everyman is intimately acquainted with: his community, his family, his trade, and so on. They are issues that affect him and his directly. If there is any place where universal or otherwise widespread suffrage is to be granted, it is here.


America’s organization as a federal state can be a powerful tool if utilized correctly and a disastrous one if not controlled. The unique interplay between the federal and state governments ensures the smooth day-to-day operation of the country and that our rights and privileges are preserved – however, it is that very same interplay that can lead to friction and strife.
It is important that the powers afforded to the states by the Constitution are preserved and honored, but we must not forget that the federal government is supreme. America is ultimately the sum of its smaller parts, and if the constituent states decide to flagrantly ignore our laws or otherwise work against the good of the nation – such as California declaring itself to be a “Sanctuary State” – then correction is necessary. The stability of America is founded upon the unity and cooperation of the states, and a nation of squabbling governments is not a stable one.
As such, it is therefore the duty of the federal government, acting as an agent of the American people, to ensure that the lower governments are working together and towards the common good. Sabotage of this goal is itself treasonous, and those that would disregard the common good would do America immeasurable harm

Economic Issues

On Capitalism & Communism

The current situation is such that we have been tricked into falling for a false dichotomy: that we must support either the Tyranny of the Profit by way of Capitalism or the Tyranny of Progress by way of Socialism. Crippling debt, outrageous student loans, a broken healthcare system, and a growing class divide have pushed Americans into one of these two camps while the gap continues to widen between them. At a glance, Capitalism and Socialism appear very different. Surely one might think that they are, as their core philosophies are in opposition to each other and they propose very different systems of economic governance. However, a closer look will reveal that these two Tyrannies are little more than sides of the same coin.
Capitalism and Socialism, despite their claims, would ultimately see Men as slaves. To the Capitalists, you are a worker drone. Under the false pretenses of a free market and social mobility, you live to serve the corporations and generate profits for them. Goodness and morality are measured in GDP as God is replaced with a dangerous idol: money. Your culture, as well as your human worth and your identity, are little more than economic commodities to be bought and sold.
To the Socialists, you are also a slave. You will serve their revolution and work their fields as they appoint themselves to cushy government jobs and sneer at you from their ivory towers. They preach tolerance, acceptance, and progress, but have perverted these concepts into Godless abominations that do little more than crush the souls of Men. You exist to serve and further an endless revolution of Progress.
Both these systems have turned their backs on God. They do not seek to create an organic, Christian society, nor can they allow for one. This false dichotomy is a dangerous one, as every day more and more Americans are led to support the further destruction of just society. The dichotomy must be rejected. A third position must be formulated if we are to see Men flourish

Welfare & Social Services

Perhaps one of the most misguided and misunderstood concepts in the modern system is that of welfare programs. The modus operandi has been to throw money at a problem and hope it goes away, when, in reality, we are simply dumping billions into failed attempts at treating symptoms of larger, deep-seated issues. Rather than trying to figure out why people become reliant on welfare programs, we argue for either an increase in funding “to ensure their wellbeing” or a decrease in funding “to reduce the handouts to societal parasites.”
Welfare programs and other social services are not, themselves, a bad thing. All societies need some sort of safety net to ensure that even the worst-off citizen can still have a chance at recuperation and growth. However, programs should aim to address the root cause of what causes reliance, not simply try to mask the symptoms of the problem. If we can successfully address what causes homelessness, unemployment, and broken families, we can reduce the number of bad outcomes in the first place, rather than just mopping up the resulting mess

Labor Relations

To ensure a just and stable society, good working relations between Capital and Labor are paramount. To that end, labor unions are a necessity. Unions are powerful tools when utilized justly, but unfortunately, today it is far too common that power is swung too far in one direction: either Capital is at the mercy of Labor by way of overreaching unions or Labor is crushed under the oppressive heel of Capital.
Rather than seeking dominance over the other, Capital and Labor should be seeking cooperation, as the success of one is heavily dependent on the other. Without Capital, Labor would have no work, and without Labor, Capital would see no production. If the classes are at each other’s throats, no one benefits but those who wish to sow discontent and outrage - our enemies.
Just as Capital and Labor must cooperate, so too must certain things be guaranteed from both. Capital must ensure a just wage and that the rights and privileges of Labor are not disregarded. Labor, in the meantime, must diligently perform their duties and not resort to underhanded means when disputes inevitably arise. Fighting between Capital and Labor is a sure way to spell economic troubles. It is only through fair negotiations and open minds that stability can be ensured, and human dignity preserved.

The Dignity of Labor

Children today are suffocated with the idea that they must go to college and receive a higher education, that they must get a degree and work a white-collar desk job. As a result, much of academia is populated with people that, frankly, do not belong there. More than that, it creates a blatantly harmful perception of certain types of labor.
To those that obsessively push college on children, blue collar work and learning a trade are unthinkable. “Work smarter,” they parrot, “not harder,” as though being an electrician or plumber were a bad thing, as though there is no honor in working a trade. However, if society is to be understood as organic, as an organism, then there is and can be no dishonorable work.
Society, much like the human body, is made up of different parts that do different functions. Remove or otherwise impede one of these parts and the whole system suffers - the same is true when it comes to labor. Digging ditches is dirty, back-breaking work, but without ditch diggers, how would we construct sewage systems? In the same way, designing the sewage system requires civil engineers to utilize their knowledge of mathematics and sciences. Both ditch diggers and civil engineers are required to construct the sewage system, and thus there is honor and dignity in all jobs as they are all necessary for a healthy and competent society. An honest day’s work deserves universal recognition, regardless of the type of labor. No work is dishonorable.

America First

Foreign Policy

For decades, America has pursued destructive and inconsistent policies in foreign relations. Whether engaging in senseless, half-hearted conflicts, being exploited by NATO member states, or used as a tool by so-called “allies” such as Israel, America’s foreign policy is nothing short of a disaster. It’s almost comical, as America is in an extremely unique geopolitical position with the ability to project her power to all corners of the world.


For decades, we have seen American goods beaten out by cheap – and sometimes dangerous – foreign-made goods from Asia and elsewhere. For a myriad of reasons, the concept of protectionist policies such as tariffs has been condemned. When President Trump began enacting tariffs, he was lambasted as a dictatorial authoritarian, as though the very concept of protectionism were dirty.
Is it so dirty for a nation to work to protect her own interests? Is it a sin to protect domestic industry from foreign intrusion? Certainly not, but to many, it seems to be. In truth, not only is it not a bad thing, but it is something that should be actively pursued so that domestic industry is protected from the foreign. We must pursue an America First trade policy, lest our goods continue to be replaced with cheap, mass-produced garbage from the hordes of Chinese factories. In doing so, we can ensure a steady demand for American labor, thus helping our people and the economy. It would further prevent dependence on unstable foreign markets, as well as ending American economic support of slavery and other exploitative business practices employed in the Asian sweatshops

Closing Statement

Achieving our lofty goals will not be easy, but few things in life that are worth achieving are. We may never see the fruits of our labors within our lifetimes, and if we falter, all may be lost. In spite of seemingly overwhelming odds and looming challenges, we must be ready to dedicate our lives to the pursuit of a just Christian society. With dedication and cooperation, there are few obstacles that we cannot overcome – after all, if God be for us, who is against us?


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