Our Philosophy

  • Our doctrine is that of God. We reject any teaching that is not God's, any philosophy that is not the Gospel. We further reject anything that does not come from God or that disrespects, contradicts, or otherwise works against Him. We hold fast in our belief in the God of the Trinity, the Light of Light and Way of Ways, and we will do all that we can to see that His will shall be done.
  • From conception to the grave, all lives have value and worth. It is up to us to protect the sanctity of life from those who wish to normalize such egregious practices as abortion, euthanasia, and artificial contraception.
  • Postmodern society is rife with assorted degeneracies that not only threaten the stability of the nation and the wellbeing of the people, but they offend God. Homosexuality, sexual "liberation," pornography, and widespread drug use are severe threats that must be dealt with if we are to even begin to rein in our collapsing civilization.
  • If we are to be a truly Christian organization, we cannot deny our brothers in Christ on the basis of something as frivolous as race. All are one in Christ, and to fracture the community over something so inconsequential is foolish and self-defeating.